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Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator
    X. Long Zheng, MD, PhD - Robert B. Adams Endowed Professor of Pathology, and Director of Laboratory Medicine

     Wenjing Cao, MD, PhD - Instructor

     Elizabeth Staley, MD, PhD - Hemostasis Fellow
     Konstantine Halkidis, MD - Hematology Fellow

     Nicole Kocher, BS

Postdoctoral Fellows
     Vikram Pillai, MPhil, PhD
     Liang Zheng, PhD

Graduate Students
     Mohammad Abdelgawwad, MD, MS

Visiting Scholars
     Leimeng Xu, BS
     Di Zhang, MD - Pathologist

UAB Collaborating Physicians 

Lawrence A. Williams, MD, MD - Assistant Professor
Marisa Marques, MD - Professor
Radhika Gangaraju, MD
 - Assistant Professor


Lissa Larue - Administrative Supervisor
Cheryl Moore - Office Associate II