Nicole K Kocher

Kocher Nicole

Researcher I (2015-present)

Masters of Science (2020), Biotechnology | University of Alabama at Birmingham Graduate School Birmingham, AL
Bachelor of Science (2015), Cell and Molecular Biology major, Chemistry minor | Spring Hill College Mobile, AL

In the lab, I have several different roles. As the Laboratory Safety Officer and Chemical Safety Officer, am responsible for keeping up-to-date training records, ensuring compliance with and administration of the CHP, as well as serving as the liaison with OH&S. I maintain an organized stockroom and also coordinate the preparation and ordering of laboratory supplies and equipment. I am responsible for demonstrating and training others in the proper use/operation of laboratory techniques and equipment, and I monitor the handling, storage, shipment, and disposal of hazardous/bio-hazardous substances and waste.

As the Patient Biorepository Coordinator, I am responsible for all patient samples that come into the lab – their retrieval, their processing, and their storage – as well as their associated medical information.

In our associated animal facility, I maintain a large mouse colony and am responsible for its organization and database. I perform blood/sample collections and survival surgery for all research projects requiring such. I have created and updated various animal protocols and am proficient at animal handling and behavior. I am also responsible for demonstrating and training others in the proper use and care of laboratory animals.

I assisted in the original development and execution of the inaugural and 2nd Annual TTP Fairs. I was then given the opportunity to independently coordinate the 3rd Annual TTP Fair with the addition of two patient educational modules – Round Table Discussions and a Physician Question Panel in 2018. I was given this opportunity again for our 4th Annual TTP Fair and Education Day, this year held in Montgomery, AL.