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Research Focus

The Zheng Lab is interested in understanding the biological mechanism of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP). TTP is caused by a deficiency of active ADAMTS13, the enzyme responsible for cleaving Von Willebrand Factor (VWF). Dr. Zheng was among the first group of investigators who first discovered and cloned the ADAMTS13 enzyme. The Zheng Lab has made many major contributions to the understanding of the structure-function relationship and regulation of ADAMTS13. We are working to develop novel tools for the diagnosis and treatment of TTP.


Shelby BuildingShelby LabLocated in the heart of UAB’s medical and research community in the Shelby Biomedical Research Building, the lab includes 1,80square feet of research space, as well as a specialized Hydrogen Exchange Mass Spectrometer.

Current Laboratory Personnel

Principal Investigator
     X. Long Zheng, MD, PhD

     Wenjing Cao, MD, PhD - Instructor

     Elizabeth Staley, MD, PhD - Hemostasis Fellow
     Konstantine Halkidis, MD - Hematology Fellow

     Nicole Kocher, BS

Postdoctoral Fellows
     Vikram Pillai, MPhil, PhD
     Liang Zheng, PhD

Graduate Students
     Mohammad Abdelgawwad, MD, MS

Visiting Scholars
     Leimeng Xu, BS
     Di Zhang, MD - Pathologist