Research Projects

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The Alabama Study on Early Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ALSTAR)

ALSTAR is a prospective cohort study funded by the National Institute on Aging/NIH. The study is designed to address the question of whether rod-mediated dark adaptation impairment in older adults in normal macular health as measured at baseline is associated with incident development of AMD three years later.


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Older Drivers: An Evidence-Basis for Licensure Standards

Policies defining the vision standards for licensure as applied to the elderly population must be rational, i.e. evidence-based. This research is designed to take critical steps toward establishing this evidence-basis by making use of unique opportunities and resources available in Alabama.


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Older Drivers and Vision Impairment:  Naturalistic Driving Studies

The objective of this research, which is funded by the National Eye Institute, is to identify how visual impairment impacts the safety and performance of older drivers. The societal significance of research on older drivers is dramatically apparent when we recognize that vision impairment is common in the older adult population, and that older drivers have among the highest rates of motor vehicle collisions compared to other age groups. A critical scientific challenge is to identify what aspects of vision are required for safe driving by older adults.


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Proficient Glaucoma Care Delivery Model Based on Automated Structural and Functional Assessment of the Optic Nerve

This demonstration program is entitled Eye Care Quality and Accessibility Improvement in the Community (EQUALITY) and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It focuses on the development and implementation of a community-based cost-efficient glaucoma detection and longitudinal care delivery model for glaucoma, particularly targeting the at-risk African American population ≥ 40 years old.



Improving Access to and Quality of Eye Care in an At-Risk, Underserved Population

The Innovative Network for Sight Research (INSIGHT) is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded collaborative vision research network of investigators at the Johns Hopkins University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, University of Miami, and Wills Eye Institute. INSIGHT’s focus is to assess and evaluate system-level and individual-level factors that impact access to, and the quality of eye care.


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 Clinical Research Tools

A variety of questionnaire instruments and focus groups scripts developed by the UAB Department of Ophthalmology clinical research team. These are avaliable for download and use. We request that you cite each as indicated.