Zahab AleezadaZahab AleezadaMy name is Zahab Aleezada and I am a senior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in its Math and Science Department. I enjoy studying Science, especially Biology, and would like to pursue a career in Medicine. I decided to volunteer in Dr. Nakano’s lab this summer because I am interested in neuroscience research. I want to major in neuroscience in college as well.

Currently I am learning how to do a Western Blot. Also I have successfully learned how to make gels for gel electrophoresis. Dr. Hirokazu Sadahiro and I have been working on seeing if BGB324, an experimental drug, is successful in lowering the concentration of AXL, a protein found in the glioblastoma (GBM). We are also seeing what the safety of BGB324 is for mice with induced tumors. In addition, we are seeing the effect BGB324 has on human GBM stem cell lines.

Understanding how my body works and how different organisms function fascinates me. Learning about the brain is one way to truly understand those things.