Postdoctoral fellow (Statistical Genetics): Interaction of gut microbiome, human genome and environmental factors in Parkinson’s disease

A position is available for a postdoctoral fellow with statistical, computational and bioinformatics interest to take the lead on the analysis of a large omics dataset on Parkinson’s disease (PD). PD is a common neurodegenerative disease that is believed to arise from gene-environment interaction with links to the gut microbiome.

The position is with the NeuroGenetics Research Consortium (NGRC). NGRC has a long-standing interest in the genetics and gene-environment interaction of PD, has one of the largest genomics datasets on PD, and is one of the few that also has environmental data.  A newly funded project has enabled NGRC to add gut microbiome to the gene-environment equation. This project will, for the first time, test the hypothesis that the PD is driven by pathogenic and commensal gut microorganisms in genetically susceptible individuals, investigate the role of gut microbiome in susceptibility to environmental risk factors, and test whether gut microbiome contributes to the inter-individual variability in response to treatment. The fellow will play a leading role in conduct of the study and help shape the future direction of the research group, and will have the opportunity to develop their own research projects within the scope of the group’s interests.

Essential Skills

• PhD in a quantitative subject (e.g. Genetics/Genomics, Statistics, Computational Biology)
• Proficient programmer (e.g. Perl, Python, R)
• Experience analyzing large-scale genetic/genomic data
• Clear communicator with experience of writing scientific manuscripts
• Self-motivated with independent working style
• Ability to work with others in a friendly and collegiate environment

The postdoctoral fellowship is a flexible 3-year term, with the potential of growth beyond the term. The position will be under the supervision of NGRC’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Haydeh Payami. The Payami lab is physically located at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, a vibrant and beautiful southern city with strong academic presence, and is affiliated with HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology a leader in genomics science. NGRC has successfully operated as a multi-site consortium for over a decade, and since this postdoctoral position is computational, we welcome, but do not require that the fellow physically relocates to Birmingham.

Send inquiries and applications to Dr. Haydeh Payami at

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