The second annual UAB Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging Symposium was held April 18, 2018 at the UAB Alumni House.  Hai's abstract was chosen as one of the few graduate student projects to be presented as seminar talks.  Hai did an excellent job presenting his latest data (not published so I'd tell you about it but you know... then I'd have to lock you in a closet till it was out and our closet looks a lot like a dark room...).  Its great to see our team members grow and develop as young scientists!  Congratulations Hai on being recognized for your outstanding abstract and for representing your hard work with such professionalism!  2018 hai shock center small
Undergraduate Neuroscience Program honors research student Tate Pollock was announced as the UAB video research award first place winner for 2018!  The video research awards, sponsored by the UAB Undergraduate Research Office, are designed to promote developing skills to present science to non-scientists.  Tate did an amazing job writing and executing his 2 minute video summarizing his research project from concept to methods to results (video here).  For the second round of competition he presented a 6 minute TED style talk with the other finalists.  Tate again incorporated a scientific rap with presentation of the lab and specifically his research findings.  Congratulations Tate!!!Tate VRA talk small
Melissa represented the King lab as a member of the UAB PREP 2017 class attending ABRCMS in Phoenix, AZ.  This poster represented a giant leap forward for a woman working on her presentation skills and confidence.  Melissa abrcmsGreat job, Melissa!
King lab PREP student Melissa Garcia officially signed her acceptance to join the UAB Graduate in Biomedical Sciences program.  She will be entering the 2018 Neuroscience Ph.D. theme this fall.  Congratulations Melissa, can't wait to watch you grow as a Ph.D. student!2018 Melissa grad school signing 250px
Our Summer Program in Neuroscience REU student Ashley Adamson completed the program with an excellent end of SPIN talk about her summer research in the lab.  So proud of her growth and development this summer.
spin 2017 whole lab small