Nick Ciancio is a sophomore in the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is from Johnson City, Tennessee.

Nick claims to have two passions: neuroscience and the environment. Nick is an intern with the Sustainability department with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Upon joining the Intern Program his Freshman year, Nick was assigned with educating his fellow peers regarding sustainable efforts that took place on campus. Nick has founded the UAB Green Labs Program, a subsection of UAB Sustainability committed to reducing waste and energy consumption.

Nick has been incredibly passionate about neuroscience since he started high school, commonly calling V.S. Ramachandran one of his idols (yeah I know… we told him to leave that out of his bio, it killed our collective “street cred” and then he reminded us we have no collective street cred anyway). He is particularly interested in neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s and the implications these disorders have on the behavior of the diagnosed person. Nick hopes to become a neurologist to help those who suffer from these forms of compromising disorders. He believes that to properly treat these patients, he must understand and have an appreciation for the research that leads to important developments. Nick was provided the opportunity to perform research in Dr. King’s Lab by the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program.

When Nick isn’t working or studying, you can find him hiking, whitewater rafting, or enjoying a cup of coffee at any of Birmingham’s coffee shops.