The research lab of Clinton J. Grubbs, Ph.D., primarily focuses on chemoprevention and the following areas of interest:

  1. Development of novel chemopreventive agents
  2. Basic laboratory studies of the ability of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals to prevent carcinogenesis
  3. Preclinical studies of a chemopreventive agent using animal models
  4. Identification of molecular biomarkers to rapidly evaluate the effectiveness of novel preventive agents

Grubbs, director of the UAB Chemoprevention Center and professor in the UAB Department of Surgery, has more than 45 years of experience in conducting animal studies for the National Cancer Institute related to the evaluation of potential chemopreventive agents in cancer models, particularly breast and urinary bladder cancers. In conducting numerous grants and contracts for the National Cancer Institute, Grubbs has also gained considerable knowledge of multiple agents – with greatly various mechanisms of action – related to cancer prevention.

The Grubbs Lab is highly active in identifying metabolites of chemopreventive agents, measuring various biomarkers and establishing the purity of these agents. During the past 40 years, Grubbs has also mentored numerous pre- and post-doctorates in the evaluation of agents for chemopreventive activity.