Low-Force Testing

Bose Testbench


This mechanical testing system is useful for test conditions that require low forces (gm – N) & small deformations (microns – mm). A non-contact strain measurement system and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) are also available.

MTS G200 Nanoindenter


This system uses a Berkovitch diamond in-denter tip to probe surfaces of materials, providing hardness and modulus at a micron scale. Features include continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) and topographical mapping of output measures.


High-Force Testing

MTS 858 MiniBionix

equipment4Two of these mechanical testing systems are available for high force testing (N – kN) – single overload and cyclic modes. An extensometer, strain gauges and a high speed infrared camera may be used concurrently for accurate displacement

Impact Testing

equipment5Two impact test systems: Instron Drop Tower and a Via Systems pneu-matic impactor shown). These systems provide impact forces, decelerations and energy absorption during impact events.

Wear Testing

AMTI Orthopod Friction & Wear Tester

equipment3This six-station pin-on-disk device is programmable to allow variable forces and wear patterns for submerged specimens in a heated bath. Friction coefficients are provided by three triaxial load cells, which allows for screening of new materials for total joint replacement & other applications.