The Lu Lab

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Our mission is to understand the role of aberrant RNA processing in the pathogenesis of ALS and develop RNA-binding protein based therapeutic strategies.



neuron     Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a relentless neurodegenerative disease that leads to progressive weakness and ultimately death, and there is no cure or effective therapy. A network of RNA binding protein including TDP-43, FUS and more recently hnRNPA2B1 and hnRNPA1, has been genetically linked to ALS. We have found that Human antigen R (HuR) is required for proper TDP-43 and FUS expression. This new discovery highlights a common molecular link in ALS involving abnormal RNA metabolism. The Lu lab investigates altered RNA processing as an important potential pathophysiological mechanism in ALS, with a focus on the regulatory interaction of TDP-43 and FUS with HuR.